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STEM in Peru

Jason McKenna, Director of Educational Strategy, had the pleasure of participating in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) in Lima, Peru. Read his latest blog to find out more!

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CS Careers: Audio Engineer

Think about your favorite song … professional musicians write, compose, and perform it, but did you know that most songs have another key person working on it to make sure it sounds as perfect as possible? That person would be the audio engineer. Learn more about this career in our latest blog!

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Organizing a Robotics Classroom

Getting your classroom organized for the beginning of the school year is an arduous task for even the most experienced teacher. It can be even more demanding for those that teach robotics. Here are a few tips to help you organize your robotics classroom!

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CS Careers: Digital Forensics

Cyber Stalkers, Identity Thieves, Hackers, etc…. if they’ve left anything on a computer or digital device, a Digital Forensic Specialist will find it! Thankfully, this relatively new field of law enforcement has grown to combat the increase in computer crimes. Find out more about this Computer Science career in our latest blog. 

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