What is the Virtual Brick? Extend your robotics classroom with the Virtual Brick!
  • Provides a robot for every student
  • Lowers the cost of starting a robotics classroom
  • Proven to be more efficient than learning to program with physical robots alone
  • Provides virtual simulations of EV3 and NXT robots, including motors and sensors
  • Allows students to follow along with our EV3 curriculum
  • Works with NXT-G, EV3, or LabView software
Virtual Brick

The Virtual Brick is software that acts like a real LEGO brick. When you use the Virtual Brick, your PC will think you have a real brick attached. The only difference is that the robot you program is virtual, not physical.

test Allows every student with a computer to learn to program
a robot
Is integrated with our Introduction to Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 curriculum
Can help you teach students programming, math, proportional reasoning, and computational thinking

Enables you to assign
robotics homework
Gives you the ability to hold virtual competitions
Allows you to create your own virtual challenges
Provides every student with individual "Hands-on" experience while learning
to program

Uses simulated fantasy worlds to capture students' imaginations and make
learning fun
Provides a virtual environment for robotics teams to
learn to program
Helps you more easily organize and keep track of your
robotics classroom
Virtual Brick Includes
Over 70 programmable tables that align with our curriculum
Measurement Toolkit Programmable Games
Competition Worlds

Automated assessment tools designed to support evaluation
A robot math game proven to increase students proportional reasoning skills
Learning through Simulation
Get the Virtual Brick There are lots of ways for you to get the Virtual Brick!
Free Virtual Brick
Get the Virtual Brick for FREE when you purchases our Introduction to Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Classroom Edition!
Buy Curriculum
Single Team Class
Single License for only 49/yr
Team License for only 149/yr
Single License for only 299/yr
Single License for only 79
Team License for only 299
Single License for only 599
Buy now Buy now Buy now
Getting Started with the Virtual Brick Getting started with the Virtual Brick is easy!
Purchase and install your Virtual Brick license, or, download an install a free 14-day trial.
(See the System Requirements.)
The Virtual Brick is avaliable in:
Single License Team License
(6 activations)
Classroom Liscense
(30 activations)
Build License
(100 activations)
Follow the step-by-step instruction in the “Setup” section of the Users Guide to setup the Virtual Brick.
Purchase and install the Introduction to Programming for EV3 curriculum for your classroom or use the free online version.
Follow the step-by-step instructions in the “How Do I use the Virtual Brick” section of the Users Guide to get started using your Virtual Brick.
Using the Virtual Brick with our Curriuculum The Virtual Brick allows you to use our Introduction to Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 curriculum.
Our curriculum is:
Based on research from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy
Designed to encourage independent learning and problem solving in pursuit of a goal
Contains self-contained lessons that require a minimum of instructor supervision, and include many built-in opportunities to self-assess progress.
Doesn’t require or assume prior robotics experience!
Using RVW with the EV3 Curriculum
What is Robot Virtual Worlds?

The Virtual Brick gives you access to the Robot Virtual Worlds game environments, simulation environments designed to help students learn how to program. Robot Virtual Worlds are available in fantasy world formats (under the sea, outer space, on a tropical island) or classroom like formats and is perfect for home, classroom, and virtual programming competitions!

Additionally, research has shown that learning to program using Robot Virtual Worlds is more efficient than learning to program using physical robots.

The Virtual Brick gives you access to the following Robot Virtual Worlds:

Designed to teach and reinforce introductory and intermediate programming concepts involving sensor based robot movements.

Learn More

Programmers are assigned to recharge all of the Communication Towers in the colony of Alpha Base H99, a robotic crystal mining colony near the galactic center of the Milky Way.

Learn More

Designed to teach and reinforce introductory programming concepts such as path planning and encoder based movements.

Learn More

With Virtual Brick, you also get access to:

The Level Builder - Provides an empty area and a large selection of classroom objects that you can use to design challenging, unique, and fun levels!

The Level Builder also includes the Model Importer, which allows you to import and use your own models from Inventor, Solidworks, and SketchUp.

Learn More

The Introduction to Programming EV3 Curriculum Companion and Challenge Pack

Downloads and Links
Virtual Brick Free 14-Day Trial
Download for Windows
Virtual Brick License
Single License | Team License | Classroom License | Building License
Virtual Brick Users Guide Download PDF
Robot Virtual Worlds Visit Robot Virtual Worlds Website
Curriculum Links
Introduction to Programming for EV3 Curriculum (Classroom Version)
Introduction to Programming for EV3 Curriculum (Free Online Version)
Other Curriculums
System Requirements
PC Compatible OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor family or better, AMD Athlon X2 processor family or better 

Memory: 2 GB RAM 

Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI RadeonTM HD 3850 or better 

DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c and DirectX® 10 

Hard Drive: 350 MB free hard drive space 

Sound: Standard audio device 

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